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The Dirt Collection

Topo Designs built the Dirt Collection with a focus on sustainability and comfort. Built from the ground up using organic cotton, responsible production, and sustainable garmet dying techniques, this line of apparel offers the feeling of already-broken-in comfort.

Visual Design, UI/UX Design, Email Design, Ad Design, Social Design, Front-end Development

Background –

Built to clean up the dirty production process, the production of the Dirt Collection starts with responsibly-sourced materials such as organic cotton, and using a garment dyeing process resulting in 95% less water consumption. Using color enhanced aerial photography of the earth's terrain connects the tagline: "Built from the ground up." to the core features of the product and to where the product's materials originated.

Winter Colors
Summer Colors

The Online Experience –

We designed the online experience to present an easily digestible breakdown of what makes the Dirt Collection stand out, and why it stands on its own, in a sea of irresponsibly produced apparel.


Social Media & Digital Advertisements –

Alongside the marketing team, I produced a multitude of social media and digital advertisement assets to push campaigns across a broad range of social and ad platforms.

Digital Ads
Instagram Carousel
Instagram Story

Newsletters –

Under the direction of the brand manager, I created newsletters focused on marketing the Dirt Collection to segmented newsletter subscribers to drive sales and campaign awareness.

About —

Hi I'm John and I'm a professional problem solver designer. In no particular order, I enjoy design, learning, tinkering with computers, podcasts, my cats, coding, and the mountains.

Jack John of all trades

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  • UI & UX
  • Product Design
  • HTML, CSS & Javascript
  • Figma
  • Branding
  • Iconography
  • Adobe Products
  • Print Design
  • Apparel Design
  • Topo Designs
  • REI
  • Apple
  • City of St. Augustine
  • City of Coral Gables
  • Mountain Film Festival
  • Crisp-Ellert Art Museum

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